Is Lighthouse Education the right choice for your Children?

Is an Alternative School – Specifically Lighthouse Education – the Right Choice for You?

Alternative schools offer the same core subjects, however teach them in a way that more children can understand. In addition the teachers have less students to take care of, so there is much more individual time. The result is students who preform much better accademically.

Lighthouse education is also able to spend less time on the core subjects, with better results. This allows more time for children to be able to pursue things that interest them. Resulting in a much better education experience.

So, should you attend an alternative school? The answer varies depending on the person, but, in general, if you are very unhappy or performing poorly at your current school, some major changes need to happen for you to get on track to graduate high school and set yourself up for success in the future.

Transferring to an alternative school that uses learning styles that suit you better than your current school can help you do well and even begin to enjoy high school if you didn’t before. The new school, teachers, and classmates can help give you a fresh start with high school.

However, some students prefer to stay in their current school and aren’t receptive to the idea of attending a new, “different” school. Making a student transfer to a new school when they are against it can make them even less likely to succeed in school, so, if they are extremely opposed to the idea of transferring schools, and it is possible for them to stay at their current school, you could try letting them remain “on probation” at their current school. If they make required changes that are laid out beforehand (improving grades, meeting attendance requirements, disassociating with a bad crowd, etc.) they can be allowed to remain at that school, but, if they do not, they will have to transfer to an alternative school.

If you do decide that attending an alternative school is the right choice, or even if you just want more information on what your options are, please let us know!