Community Life at Lighthouse International School Phuket

At Lighthouse international school Phuket community is high on our priority list.

We invite our parents in to speak with teachers, we invite them to watch our sporting events, and each month we hold a family barbecue.

We all come from different international locations Around the world and call Phuket home. It’s important for any international school to ensure parents know what’s going on and feel like they are part of the school.

One of the parents has a catering company, he cooked the food for our barbecue. Another parent has a DJ’ing company, He plays the music and gets everyone on their feet.

Each month we have a different international theme. Last month it was Italian, this month it’s Greek. We try to keep the different international options fresh and lively throughout the year.

The barbecue also gives children an opportunity to showcase their skills. We will often have a talent show where children can sing, dance, or showcase their artwork.

Last month we had a market, so that all of our budding entrepreneurs could sell things and learn about profit, loss, revenue, and customer service.

We love our international community, love our amazing students and aim to make lighthouse international school Phuket the best on the island.