The Lighthouse Vision

Mission, Vision & Values

“Warm welcome from the Principal”

I am delighted to welcome you as the Principal of Lighthouse International School. Our mission is to empower students, help shape futures, and enable students to follow their path. I am excited to embark on this educational journey with each and every one of you.

“personalised learning in an inclusive community”

As we navigate the exciting adventures of learning together, you will find that our school is more than just a place for education; it’s a place where dreams take flight, friendships are forged, and character is built.

Marthinus Bester
Principal, Lighthouse International School Phuket


“Canadian values of family, friendship, acceptance & compassion”

At Lighthouse International School Phuket, our vision is to be a modern and joyful educational haven, resonating with children’s laughter within a vibrant campus. Guided by Canadian values of strong families, acceptance, and compassion, we nurture an inclusive community that celebrates diversity. Our students flourish in a safe and supportive environment, embracing curiosity, friendship, and holistic growth. With dedicated teachers and a commitment to cultivating global citizens, we illuminate the path to a brighter future.


“Innovative teaching for curiosity, lifelong friendships & academic excellence”

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and inclusive community, embodying Canadian values of strong families, acceptance, and compassion.

Through innovative teaching and holistic guidance, we empower our students to explore their curiosity, develop lifelong friendships, and achieve academic excellence. We inspire a love of learning and a deep sense of responsibility to the global community. Students earn a prestigious Canadian high school diploma which unlocks doors to global universities especially the US.

School Identity

  • Moral framework for all members of the school community, respect and understanding of all faiths and backgrounds.
  • Partnership between teachers and parents through clear information and discussion to promote the best interests of each individual child.
  • Give every child the ability to make informed and balanced decisions on important moral, social, cultural, political and environmental issues, and those related to their own and others’ health and well-being
  • Encourage each child to discover his/her own aspirations, and to develop his/her own ambitions and his personal targets in a sustained, determined manner.
  • Share information with relevant agencies in the best interests of the child when there are concerns of a child welfare nature.

Classrooms Goals

  • Foster a vibrant learning community that’s stimulating and challenging each individual. Not to be over-bound by exam requirements, but to encourage a passion for learning and knowledge. 
  • Open-minded, enthusiastic teaching. Encourage pupils to question, form and articulate their ideas. Build the children’s intellectual curiosity and stimulate an enjoyment of learning, analysis and scholarship.
  • High pupil expectation. Praising their efforts and progress.
  • Encourage good working habits and an understanding of the importance of application.
  • Actively organise teamwork, pair and group work.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • We provide many after school activities (such as music, sport, drama, pottery, design, ICT and other after-school activities). Every child can discover and further develop their own intellectual, cultural and sporting passions.
  • Offer opportunities for leadership and responsibility in numerous fields, especially for our older pupils.
  • Build confidence and self-respect through trying new activities and exploring hidden and unknown talents.
  • Encourage every child to shine in as many areas as possible.

Phuket’s newest international school.
Globally trusted standards.
Small class sizes.