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International School Phuket

We offer Small classes, Qualified teachers, Canadian curriculum in partnership with a Canadian private school to ensure international standards.

International Schools For Ages 2-18


kindergarten school chalong lighthouse phuket

Perfect start – 2 yrs +

Perfect start for children from 2 until 6 years old. Our Phuket Chalong Kindergarten is rapidly developing nursery school & has after school activities. We have a stable and very happy teacher and staff team which flows to the children enriching their play based education. The Canadian learning system is in the top 6 in the world. Our fees our competitive. Just organise a tour and come to see us.

Primary School

primary school lighthouse rawai phuket

Small Class Sizes

Our primary school offers ultra modern teaching combined with small class sizes enabling students accelerated learning in a team and project based environment. They will flourish developing their characters & creative problem solving. Students can start 5/6 years to 16 years old. We have children from many countries and small balanced classes. Dont select high fee schools with great facilities, come and view lighthouse first.

High School

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New Campus

Our new campus opens March 2024 for high school students. For an exceptional education in a new school with competitive fees, please book a tour.

Our New Campus

Prime location, right next to Youtopia. For those seeking adventure, Youtopia offers world-class skateboarding facilities that will thrill adrenaline enthusiasts. For the younger ones, there’s a playground designed to cater to their specific needs.

New campus are being built in 2 phases. 1st phase will be complete March 2024. The school will house a fully equipped laboratory, enabling students to explore and experiment, fostering a love for science. The library will be a treasure trove of knowledge, fostering a love for literature and research. And, of course, the canteen will provide nutritious meals to fuel the eager minds of the students. Covered Football field with artificial grass. New buildings throughout the complex.

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Primary School Students

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Updates & News

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Lighthouse International School Phuket in Rawai, is Unique.

Lighthouse’s provide students with small mixed age classes allowing students to maximise their potential. Its a positive, creative, teamworking environment. Many schools try to make these claims, but we make them a reality.

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Kids love us. So do parents.

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Phuket’s newest international school
Globally trusted standards
Small class sizes