Pastoral Care

Lighthouse Academy – Mind, Body, Souls

In our pastoral care, we aim to:

  • Create an environment in which every child can be happy and achieve according to his abilities, and a safe, secure school in which he is valued and listened to ensure a well but unobtrusively disciplined school, in which every member will respect and celebrate the efforts and abilities of others.
  • Provide a clear moral framework for all members of the school community, based on genuine respect for and understanding of people of all faiths and backgrounds.
  • Create a sense of partnership between teachers and parents through clear information and discussion in order to promote the best interests of each individual child.
  • Give every child the ability to make informed and balanced decisions on important moral, social, cultural, political and environmental issues, and those related to their own and others’ health and well-being.
  • Encourage each child to discover his own aspirations, and to develop his own ambitions and his personal targets in a sustained, determined manner.
  • Share information with other relevant agencies in the best interests of the child when there are concerns of a child welfare nature.

At Lighthouse Academy we seek give children a wide range of experiences from different societies, times, perspectives, traditions and spiritual backgrounds. We believe that children preform their best when they are feeding their minds, bodies and souls. We desire for people to love others as they love themselves and to love God and love others. Treating their neighbors as they want be treated and developing in them a sense of joy, peace, patience and self control.

anti bullying posters by lighthouse kids

We also welcome ideas, philosophy and ideas from all different areas. We welcome teachers and speakers with various spiritual ideas. We feel it is important for children to be exposed to other ideas so that they can choose their path as they grow.

All children from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome at Lighthouse.

Philosophy of Education

Lighthouse is a academic community. As such, Lighthouse continues the philosophy of education which first gave rise to the idea of schooling, and which is summarised in the following propositions.

Persons are spiritual, rational, moral, social, and physical. They are, therefore, able to know and to value themselves and other persons. Here there is a religious aspect to the school.

Education as the process of teaching and learning, involves the whole person, by developing the knowledge, values, and skills which enable each individual to change freely.

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