Lighthouse International School Phuket – Individualized learning

Lighthouse International School Phuket is committed to helping students find their unique path in life through individualized learning methods that cater to their specific needs and interests. Our curriculum includes traditional academic subjects like math, science, and social studies, as well as a variety of active classes such as drama, rock climbing, football, muay thai, and music.

We understand that not all students learn the same way or have the same interests, which is why we personalize our teaching methods to ensure every student can thrive. Our experienced teachers take the time to understand each student’s learning style and tailor their lessons accordingly. This approach helps students develop their strengths and overcome any challenges they may face, leading to better academic performance and overall success.

In subjects like math and science, we use hands-on experiments and real-life applications to make the lessons more engaging and relatable. This approach helps students understand the practical applications of what they are learning, which can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of these subjects. Our social studies curriculum is also designed to be immersive, with virtual reality and field trips that bring history and culture to life.

Beyond traditional academic subjects, our active classes offer students opportunities to explore their interests and develop new skills. Drama, for example, helps students develop their creativity and confidence, while sports like football and muay thai promote physical fitness and teamwork. These classes provide a well-rounded education that supports each student’s unique interests and talents.

At Lighthouse International School Phuket, we strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where students can grow and thrive. By offering personalized learning methods and a wide range of subjects and activities, we help students find their unique path in life and reach their full potential.