Earning a High School Diploma

At Lighthouse International School, our goal is to prepare students for the real world. For many students, this includes college or university. To be accepted into universities around the world students will need to have an official transcript from an accredited school.

Students are registered with Alberta Education through Hope Christian School and the Prairie Land District in Alberta. Students can earn a high school Alberta diploma from Alberta through Hope Christian School from Alberta Education. Allowing students to study at any university worldwide.

What are the Advantages?

  • Accredited High School Diploma
  • Official Transcripts and Enrollment Verification
  • Progress Reports
  • Projected Course of Study
  • Annual Graduation Ceremony
  • Free Diagnostic Testing
  • Experienced Christian Academic Advisors
  • Standardized Tests 

At Lighthouse International School we are committed to the complete education of our students. That involves preparing them for university if that is the path they choose. We are committed to giving the highest quality education on the island of Phuket and beyond. 

Phuket’s newest international school.
Globally trusted standards.
Small class sizes.